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I am a CFA Judge and judge shows on weekends as a hobby.

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THE 10 Commandments of Breeding
by Teresa Sweeney

1. Breed toward your ideal cat. Don't be swayed by the voices of others. If you have done your homework, in time others will appreciate what you have accomplished.

2. Recognize that you are breeding Maine Coons and stay within your interpretation of the breed standards.

3. Breed equally for Maine Coon type, qualities, disposition and health.

4. Never forget: No temperament, no cat in your program.

5. Always strive toward a cat of great disposition, plus beauty. Neither is good without the other. However, if forced to make a choice, I'd keep the great disposition.

6. Follow the lead your cats set for you. The next generation need not be similar in phenotype to the generation before, but each generation must be consistent in overall quality.

7. Breed forward. Look ahead. Wonderful new surprises may be awaiting you. Recognize them when they occur.

8. It is not difficult to improve the product of a poor quality cat in one generation. It is not even difficult to improve the product of an average cat in one generation. What is difficult is to improve the product of an exceptional cat generation after generation. That takes real skill, knowledge, gut instinct, and vision.

9. Don't be afraid to appreciate the qualities of other's. Breeding is a competition with yourself, not with others.

10. Consider your cat's attributes before you consider his/her negatives. All cats have both. It is for you to determine how positive his/her good qualities are before you dwell on the negatives.

Warmest Wishes,
Teresa & Edwin
  Highlander Maine Coon Cats


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