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Kohun Devon of Highlander
Brown patched tabby and white
DOB: 8/24/2023

Sire: London of Kohun
Dam: Kohun Inferno

DNA: clear for all 50 known genetic identified issues:
Echocardiogram: tbd at one year

Life never ceases to amaze me, this beauty is truly amazing.
She goes back to cats I had 11 years ago so getting her is a blessing.
She is sweet and the smartest cat I know.

Grand Champion Highlander Lady Eli
Brown Classic tabby
DOB 5/23/23

Sire: GC RW Jaspurrcats Bon Jovi of Highlander
Dam: Highlander Azeri

DNA : all negative
Echo: tbd at one year old
Hips: good

Lady Eli is a gorgeous brown tabby female with the sweetest personality.
She is a beautiful representation of the breed with the most beautiful expression.

Jaspurrcats Clover of Highlander
Brown Classic Tabby
Dob 7/17/2023

Sire: GC NW Jaspurrcats Runnin Down a Dream
Dam: Highlander Rosebud of Jaspurrcats

HCM DNA: negative
HCM echo: TBD at year old

Jaspurrcats Clover of Highlander Maine Coons

Welcome to this precious beautiful brown tabby female.
She is a big girl with gorgeous color and pattern. 
She has a lovely expression and her temperament is above and beyond.
Thank you Beth for this precious gift. 

Highlander Calla Lily
Brown Classic Tabby

Dob 1/23/2023
Sire: GC RW Jaspurrcats Bon Jovi of Highlander
Dam: Highlander Magnolia

DNA : negative by parentage (see attached)
Echo: 1/24 normal - see attached
Hips: good

Lily is a lovely girl who reminds me of her mother Maggie.
She is cheeky and sweet and is the ultimate lap cat.
She will sit with me for hours. She is also very beautiful.

Miragecoon Enoki of Highlander
Silver classic tabby and white

Sire: Kitty Up Duran of Miragecoon
Dam: Miragecoon Kiera
Breeder : Min Zhang

Wisdom Panel DNA Clear
HCM Echo and Hips: good

I would like to welcome this silver beauty to our home.
Enoki is the kid if cat you only dream of;
dreams do come true.
Thank you Jill for allowing her to grace our home.

Highlander Snow Cap (Cappie)

Sire: Ruffians DuranDuran of Highlander
Dam: Highlander Icicle
Dob: 10/26/2021

DNA-negative (parents negative) for all known genes
HCM Scan: 12/2022 - clear
HCM Scan 1/12/24 -clear

Cappie is a gorgeous brown patched tabby female.
I was only able to show her once due to my judging schedule; she was highest scoring kitten in show at four months old.
She is from very special parents and represents years of our hard work.  

Highlander Nashville “Nashy”
Brown patched tabby

Sire: Ruffians DuranDuran of Highlander
Dam: St Gertrude Memphis of Highlander
Dob 2/11/2022

DNA Negative for all known 50 genes (both parents nogative)

HCM screen 1/2023 - clear
HCM screen 4/2024 - clear

Nashville is a gorgeous chip off the old block from her mother Memphis.
She is a large girl with all the details we love.

Regional Winner
Angtini Betty’s Pearl of Highlander

SIRE: Ruffians DuranDuran of Highlander
DAM: CH Highlander Betty of Angtini

DNA : Negative for all 49 known genetic anomalies

HCM Echo 5/6/2022- Normal
HCM Echo 5/12/23 - Normal

Pearl is a gorgeous brown tabby female that is absolutely spectacular. 
She has it all; large, bone, coat color pattern and beautiful head type.
Nine generations of Highlander on the dam side.


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